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photo by: Bill Lee Photography

Pastor William Watkins, Jr.

Pastor William Watkins, Jr. is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Shekinah Glory Worship Ministry, Inc in Fort Washington, Maryland. Pastor Watkins zealously answered the call to salvation in 1989, after experiencing numerous trials and tribulations during his younger years and escaping the streets with God’s grace and mercy.

After receiving the call to salvation, he has served in numerous facets of ministry for over 20 years. Anointed with a Rhema word from God for such a time as this, he teaches the Word of God with an unwavering boldness. As a radical preacher, he is called to perfect the saints by imparting biblical truths, emphasizing deliverance and spiritual warfare, and activating the gifts of the Spirit in order to develop strong disciples and ministries in the body of Christ. He has a strong apostolic call and fathers the sons and daughters of God by equipping and empowering them to live holy, prosperous lives with unshakeable faith. Pastor Watkins has been given a “Kingdom Assignment” and will not stop until the vision God has given him comes to pass.

Pastor Watkins attended Elizabeth City State University, where he studied Criminal Justice. He is currently employed at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, DC as an Access Control Technician.

Pastor Watkins has a heart and passion for men (Young & Older) to become the fathers, sons, and men of God that they have been created to be. His heart’s desire is to see the male generation restored back to his rightful place in the Kingdom. Pastor is a mentor & spiritual father to many.

Pastor Watkins preaches with conviction and from his life experiences to reach the masses. His motto is, “If Jesus delivered me, then surely He can deliver you”.

Pastor Watkins serves under his spiritual overseer; Dr. Bonnie Hunter. Dr. Hunter is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Friendship Church Outreach Ministries, located in Chapel Oaks, Maryland.

Pastor Watkins is joined in ministry by his lovely wife, Co-Pastor Yolonda Watkins. They have four wonderful children and three precious grandchildren.

photo by: Bill Lee Photography

Co-Pastor Yolonda Watkins

Co-Pastor Yolonda is an anointed vessel of God; a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, teacher and preacher. The wife & queen of Senior Pastor, William Watkins, Jr., she serves alongside him as Co-Pastor of Shekinah Glory Worship Ministry, Inc. Co-Pastor Yolonda received her B.S. degree in Computer Science from Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, NC.

After working in various facets within the Department of Veterans for more than 26 years, Co-Pastor Yolonda retired from her career in corporate America in 2012 to pursue full-time ministry with her husband. She recognized the call on their lives and understood that God had given them a team ministry which gave her an overwhelming desire to undergird and support the vision that God had given her husband for the Kingdom. Her gentle spirit, lifestyle of excellence, and servitude to her husband and children are her greatest witness.

Her passion for Christ-like living is evident to everyone she encounters. She lives with conviction and dedication to the Lord and emphasizes to all she encounters the importance of walking uprightly and according to the Word of God.

While she serves diligently throughout the entire ministry, she directly oversees the administrative arm of Shekinah Glory Worship Ministry, the Women and Sunday school ministries. Co-Pastor Watkins tender heart and sensitivity towards the needs of women has engulfed her with the desire to reach out to them, redirect their steps, empower them and help them to return to their rightful places as ladies, nurturers, mothers, and wives. She empowers and teaches women to be virtuous and prosperous women. She and Pastor Watkins have a call to the restoration of families and have a powerful ministry from which innumerable families will be healed, marriages restored and lives will been changed forever. She’s on an assignment as an intercessor and prayer warrior for the Kingdom of God.

Co-Pastor dedicates her time to serving God’s people and is fully committed to the calling on her life. Above all that God has allowed her to accomplish, she considers supporting and upholding her husband’s arms and supporting their three wonderful children her primary purpose. Co-Pastor has three beautiful grandchildren that she adores and they bring unspeakable joy to her life.

Co-Pastor Yolonda sits under the tutelage of her spiritual Overseer, Dr. Bonnie Hunter. She understands the importance of covenant relationships and being submitted under authority. Dr. Bonnie Hunter is the Founder & Senior Pastor of Friendship Church Outreach Ministries located in Chapel Oaks, Maryland.